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Elision is renowned for its innovative services and solutions. The company always comes up with the solutions that resolve problems of users and increase their productivity. By continuing this custom, the Elisiontec has announced to offer the services to increase capacity and functionalities of the Matrix IP Phone. The company has announced to offer the integration service of the IP PBX solution features within the Matrix IP Phone.

As per the shared details, the Matrix is one of the most popular IP Phone brands worldwide. This IP Phone has many amazing features. However, it has certain limitations. One of the most common limitations of the Matrix IP Phone device is that some of its models don’t give a phone book feature and the models that have this feature has limited capacity such as 1000 – 10,000 contact storage. The phone book aka contact book is a very important feature as it makes identification of an incoming call easier, plus, it saves man hours which would be spent on dialing numbers manually, which can be a huge number when looked at it as a summed number for all employees for the whole month. To remove this restriction and to add additional functionality in the Matrix IP Phone, the Elision Technolab LLP aka Elision has announced to offer phone book integration with the stated device. If the phone already has contact book, the VoIP experts of the company can scale it in a way that it can store unlimited contacts in it.

The phone book integration with the Matrix IP phone is just an instance; the VoIP developers of the company can integrate many other IP PBX features which are not readily available in this IP Phone.

“Matrix is a great brand and the features of this phone are really good. That’s the reason it has been in use massively. However, just like any hardware device, it has its limitations. Being VoIP experts, we have found a way via which we can add missing functions in the IP phone of the Matrix.” shared Mehul Shah, CEO and Founder, Elision Technolab LLP.

According to the shared details, the company has already benefited some of its domestic and international customers with this service. They have integrated the phone book module in their Matrix IP Phone.

About Elision

Elision Technolab LLP aka Elision is one of the best VoIP companies. It has its headquarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has branch offices in the USA, the Philippines and Mexico. The company has been catering its customers since 2007 in the VoIP arena. The company has developed advanced communication and collaboration solutions that can be used by different types of businesses. The company has been catering custom needs of customers with its VoIP services and it is the only company that offers turnkey VoIP solutions to its customers. The Matrix IP Phone contact book integration is one of the never-seen-before services offered by the company. To explore more details about it, please visit