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Catheters are believed to be the most commonly used and effective method of drainage and hygiene for those who have recently undergone surgery or even suffered a trauma; hence their body is not capable of cleansing itself. While catheter systems might differ from components, type, use and functionality, the basic elements of a catheter stay the same in most situations. There are several types of catheters available for men. Among them the condom catheter is regarded as the most effective device used to provide drainage hygienically.

Condom catheters are generally placed on the male organ to discharge urine in the bag. The catheter is also known as an incontinence device that can hold the urine until it is personally emptied. This incontinence device contains a catheter, pre-lubricated needle, a case, and a filter. The main job of this device is to drain and store urine from one’s body. The anatomy of males and females varies and therefore the shape of the catheter also changes. A male catheter is designed in such a way so that it fits the male reproductive organ properly.

The shape of a male catheter tends to be the same whereas the female catheter varies in accordance with the age, size, and childbirth issues of the individual. The online health centers have an abundance of professionals who can offer the advice about the catheters for urinary incontinence. These portable catheters are guaranteed to add more comfort to the life of a patient.

As said earlier, there are several kinds of catheters available . The intermittent catheters give much needed protection against urinary infections. On the other side, the external catheter is used to take the urine from the male sex organ and collect it in a bag. Once the catheter device fills the bag, it needs to be emptied so that the urine can be collected again.

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