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Most seniors wish to live independently at home in their golden years. Home care and home health care has made it possible for seniors to live in the comfort of their own home instead of being moved to an unknown assisted living facility.

However, not many people are aware that home care and home health care are two different things. Both serve a different purpose and are meant for a different segment of people.

If you are confused between the right solution for your aging loved one, here is information you need to make an informed decision.

In-home care can broadly be divided into home care services and home health care agencies.
Home Health Care Agencies
Home health care agencies provide –
• home health aides
• skilled nursing services
• therapies, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
• wound care
• psychiatric nursing
• clinical programs, such as wound care program, joint program or COPD management

Home health care services can be customized depending upon the injury or illness. They are suited to clients whose health problems limit their ability to carry out activities of daily living.
Home Care Services
Home Care Services provide home care aides that fall under three categories –

• Companions
Companions are the right choice for seniors who only need a little assistance and companionship. Companions do not have specific medical training. They help with housekeeping, companionship, accompanying the client (for example, to the doctor or the grocery store), guidance and reminders for medication etc.

• Personal Care Aides
Personal Care Aides help with activities of daily living, including personal hygiene, dressing, ambulation, transfers and eating. They are assigned to clients who are self-directing but need some hands-on support.

• Home Health Aides
Home Health Aides are trained in home health care for clients who need health care and take on an important role in the client’s care. These clients may not be self-directing at all times or may have complex medical needs.

Many home health care agencies offer the services of both personal care aides and home health care aides as well as skilled nursing and therapy providers. When you discuss your or a loved one’s situation with an experienced home health care agency, such as HNTS in San Antonio, they would be able to help you decide the right solution for your senior loved one.

If you are looking for wound care treatment, the best occupational therapy or home health care in San Antonio, call Home Nursing and Therapy Services at 210.822.8807 Today. With a mission to be the highest quality home health agency, HNTS offers caregivers for multiple needs and ensure you and your loved ones lead a healthy and meaningful life through our nursing and therapy services.