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Side channel blowers of SKVTechnik ( to be protected against total failure for various reasons. For one, financial reasons play a role, of course.
Another important point is that side channel blowers are usually in operation as endurance runners. They perform their work in many plants without the need for daily control. Often, the sub-processes in which side channel blowers are used are system-critical. This means that the failure of a side channel blower can lead to system stop. Production failure and downtime of the plant threaten.
What few users know is that side channel blowers do not have their own shutdown device for an emergency situation. Few devices have a shutdown device in case of overheating. Especially if side channel blowers work against a closed throttle, then the total loss of the device threatens. If side channel blowers work against a closed flap and can not deliver air, the pressure rises above the maximum pressure values indicated in the curves and the machine will inevitably break down. Users then find faulty electric motors and deformed rotors on the defective machines. In most cases, parts of the machine housing are discolored blue or dark due to overheating and the blades of the rotors inside the machines are bent due to excessive pressure conditions.

Side channel blowers should always be protected from full throttle closure. Users can do this with so-called pressure / vacuum safety valves. Safety valves are installed in the suction or discharge line of a side channel blower. During commissioning, the safety valves are set to the maximum pressure values of the machine to be secured and trigger when the permissible pressure values are exceeded. The balancing effect of the safety valves means that the machine / side channel blower can never enter the critical, non-permissible pressure zones because the safety valves open the pressure or suction line in advance. This ensures that the side channel blower can be safely operated as a long-running even without supervision.

Safety valves for side channel blowers can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a side channel blower. There are models for printing and vacuuming and models that can be used universally. Particularly flexible valve variants can also be adjusted by the customer and can thus be used very flexibly and with different devices. Together with a manometer, users are thus able to install safety valves themselves and set them reliably. At SKVTechnik customers already receive professional valves for 100 to 200 euros.

SKVTechnik is an online retailer of side channel blowers. Over three hundred different machine types are available. Customers are expertly operated by manufacturer consultants and thus receive the best advice from professionally trained personnel for the most favorable machine prices.
Customers are testing SKV technology.

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