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A reputable firm dedicated to making the marketing and purchase of real estate affordable, fast, and simple for everyone, Reozom is pleased to offer for sale by owner listings throughout Florida. Using MLS (multiple listing services) to automate the listing process, it will be guaranteed paperless and convenient.
Hundreds of real estate properties are currently listed on, and many of those include new listings for sale. Not only does the platform include properties for sale by owners, but also constantly updates its listings to provide consumers with more and new options every time they come on the market to find a real estate they need.
Reozom is similar to Zillow except that it does more. It is a reliable real estate transaction platform that allows users to list, market, sell and manage their properties. It also provides real-time analytics so that sellers can view the activity of their listings in real time. With this, they would know exactly whenever their property is viewed and the number of people who have looked at their listing online.
Furthermore, Reozom works to connect buyers and sellers directly, allowing them to communicate effortlessly. With the range of services it provides, Reozom is now known as a leader in the real estate industry, continuously helping consumers find the right property of their dreams.
Reozom takes pride in its large database of real estate for sale through Florida. They do this through the innovative tools and impressive functionalities of the site that help consumers find the right property that suits their lifestyle and meet their needs. With the updated new listings for sale, sellers can easily locate more buyers who would be interested in purchasing the property.
“We make things easier for both the buyers and the sellers,” Justin Tibble, Reozom CEO stated. “Buyers enjoy instant gratification through scheduling their showings directly on the website. Then, sellers are notified thru email and/or text. When the requested date or time does not work for them, they can easily respond with their suggested time for buyers to stop by.” Everything at Reozom is designed to make everything a lot easier for its users.
Find homes for sale by owners has never been more convenient and easier. The MLS database of the platform includes not only Florida but also Michigan. This allows real estate buyers and sellers to have an opportunity to reach more market and find more options than ever before. Every property listed on the platform is highly competitive and is visible to a large audience. There are no any third party agents in between and definitely no expiration on the listing. This means that the property will stay up until it is sold. Sellers, however, can also cancel anytime they want.