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The Dennis Family Corporation’s Ashbury Estate offers an idyllic residential community that’s ideal for Australian families and expats.

[ARMSTRONG CITY, 14/6/2018] – Ashbury Estate, a master planned community in Victoria, Australia, is well on its way to prove that suburban living is not a matter of geography but a lifestyle. The development has plenty to offer families, retirees, and young homeowners; but, one of its focal attractions is its proximity to the Bellarine Peninsula.

The Pleasures of Life near the Sea

For mainland Australians, access to one of the country’s most famous beaches is a luxury. Perhaps this is why, in the 2016 survey of the National Australia Bank inquiring about the living standards Australians aim for, one in four respondents said they would love to have access to the beach, parks, natural wonders, and a clean environment.

Expatriates have a similar inclination. The Expat Insider’s The InterNations Survey revealed that nine out of ten respondents like to live in the country because of its pleasant climate and great natural environment. These are lifestyle factors that they can easily find in a suburb near the coast.

Given its strategic location in Armstrong Creek (a 20-minute drive from the Bellarine coast), Ashbury Estate can provide the luxuries and support the lifestyle many expats and Australians aspire for.

“The Best of Town and Country”

Ashbury Estate promotes a merger of suburban and country life. A look at its master plan reveals that amenities for education, recreation, and even commerce are in the developer’s pipeline. Its residents will also enjoy open spaces and conservation areas around the estate, totalling to 30 hectares.

By bringing urban necessities into the development, Ashbury Estate offers an idyllic lifestyle where residents can enjoy suburban comforts out in the country.

About the company

Ashbury Estate is a master-planned community in Armstrong Creek, Australia. It boasts 107 hectares, along with plans to develop 1,400 lots that can accommodate around 4,000 residents. The Dennis Family Corporation manages Ashbury Estate, through DFC-Ashbury Pty Ltd.

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