Scissor Tech UK Offers Yasaka Scissors Made from High-Grade Materials

Scissor Tech UK offers the Yasaka brand, known for creating their products with high-grade materials. Each type of metal has its own properties that provide durability and long-term usage.

[UNITED KINGDOM, 13/6/2018] — Scissor Tech UK, an exclusively online seller of professional hairdressing scissors and shears, offers Yasaka’s high-quality line of products. The brand is renowned for its use of premium, high-grade materials that allow its products to provide lifelong durability and performance.

High-Grade Steel Alloys

In constructing durable and high-quality hairdressing scissors, Yasaka uses three types of steel depending on the product.

The first kind is the ATS-314 Hitachi steel, which is already commonly used in making scissors and shears. It is a well-balanced steel that delivers structural stability, toughness, sharpness and high resistance to scratches and stains. Yasaka mixes cobalt with ATS-314 to enhance the hardness of their products.

Another type of Hitachi steel that Yasaka uses is the 440C, which is a stainless steel known for having high carbon content that gives it impressive properties like resistance to heat and corrosion, excellent strength and hardness. The 440C is commonly used in knife blades and surgical instruments.

Finally, there is the VG10 steel that is exclusively made in Japan. It is a special type of cutlery steel with high purity. The mixture for creating VG10 steel comprises carbon, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and cobalt. While the following elements are found in small amounts, they provide unusual properties to VG10 steel such as long-lasting sharpness and sheer durability.

Comfortable Offset Handle

Apart from the premium-grade materials, Yasaka scissors and shears are known for their comfortable offset handles. This provides hair stylists with a comfortable grip that reduces the risk of hand fatigue, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

About Scissor Tech UK

Scissor Tech UK provides professional hairdressing scissors and shears from trusted brands in the industry. Each product from their catalogue comes with a lifetime warranty against factory defects to ensure clients are getting high-quality tools. As an exclusively online store, Scissor Tech UK is able to offer their products lower than retail prices.

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