Hallmark Surgical Prevents Cross-Contamination with Disposable Frazier Suctions

To reduce the risks of cross-contamination and infection caused by reusable surgical suctions, Hallmark Surgical offers single-use Frazier suctions. Each product is supplied sterile and immediately disposed of after use.

[AUSTRALIA, 11/06/2018] – Hallmark Surgical, a trusted supplier of medical and surgical devices in New Zealand, offers single-use Frazier suctions that contribute to the prevention of cross-contamination in surgical environments.

Infection and Cross-Contamination from Reusable Devices

Reusable medical instruments carry risks of patient-to-patient infection.

The American Food and Drug Administration published a list of reusable medical devices that pose the greatest risks of cross-contamination and infection transmission. The list, published in 2017, includes gastrointestinal and neurological endoscopes, laparoscopic devices, surgical instruments and lumens with ridged or sharp angles. These types of devices are nearly impossible to affirm 100% clean due to the narrow and/or long cannulae which are also sometimes angled. Impossible for the human eye and a microscope to verify clean. Doing a cross section of these reusable devices is enlightening and horrifying to see the debris, fluid and tissue that gets left behind ready for the next patient.

Single Use Suctions: Safer and Cleaner Alternatives

Because reusable medical instruments are regularly sanitised and reprocessed, they are susceptible to breakage and wear and tear.

As a risk-free alternative to reusable suctions, Hallmark Surgical offers a range of disposable suctions for all types of surgery including colorectal, ENT, neuro and general surgery. With single-use suctions, surgeons are able to mitigate the threat of cross-contamination and ensure excellent care.

The reusable suctions are manufactured in the UK and are available throughout New Zealand. The company’s product range is preferred by clients for its ergonomic and high-quality design.

About Hallmark Surgical

As a trusted source of surgical devices in New Zealand, Hallmark Surgical has fostered strong relationships with clients based on excellent customer service and high product quality. More than just a supplier, the company has also become a trusted partner in high-quality surgical devices.

To learn more about the company and their range of products, visit https://hallmarksurgical.com.