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Keep structures, equipment, and other materials safe from exposure to most acids, rust, and chemicals with Zebron’s protective polyurethane coating.

[ANAHEIM, 4/6/2018] – Many businesses, factories, and other industries and organizations know that the equipment used depreciates with time and use. Factors which can speed up depreciation include rust, corrosion, and other damages that affect efficiency and value.

This is what Zebron, a corporation based in California, has sought to address for several decades with its coating products. The corporation provides an industrial spray-on coating which, when applied to materials such as steel and concrete, protects the materials from corrosion, abrasion, and other effects that could damage equipment.

Zebron Coating

Zebron provides “the original, proven, 100 percent solids polyurethane” coating made of dried AA-grade Castor Oil, which is the only polyoil available commercially. It is certified and meets specifications such as color and acidity. Zebron obtains its oil from one source to ensure quality control.

Zebron mixes the oil with other raw materials to form the coating spray. Zebron uses customized equipment to apply the coating, which cures without shrinking and forms a tough but flexible membrane. It meets several safety standards for barrier materials and is safe to use for potable water and other applications.

Steel, Concrete, and Other Applications

Factories, industries, and even local governments have turned to Zebron to protect their equipment from multiple forms of damage. Since the 1980’s, the Los Angeles government has been using Zebron’s services to protect the concrete and steel found in their wastewater structures against acids and gases found or used in the area.

Apart from protection, applying a Zebron coating provides Abrasion-Resistant Low Friction Coating. Tested by the US Coast Guard, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and other pipeline companies, Zebron has produced superior results which can protect pipes and other materials exposed to friction and abrasion.

About Zebron

Zebron is a corporation that manufactures polyurethane coating used for multiple industrial purposes. Its formula is made of AA-grade Castor Oil and other raw materials which meet the corporation’s high standards. All equipment used to apply Zebron products are custom-built in the corporation’s factory.

Zebron’s coating, when applied, provides a tough but flexible membrane which can protect the container’s contents from corrosion, abrasions, and other unwanted effects. Zebron products meet many testing standards for safety and barrier materials for different purposes.

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