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In a rapidly-evolving technology landscape, disruption is pervasive. Businesses need to stay agile by constantly exploring and implementing new capabilities. To do so, understanding emerging technologies and their potential implications is a must.

Carrying out a comprehensive technology assessment study can provide a clear view of the innovation and technology market trends within a business’s focus sectors. Such a study involves an analysis of relevant patents to reveal the participants that are actively involved in the developments pertaining to the industry, while highlighting the opportunities and threats they pose for the business. As a result, business leaders can obtain the answers required to support strategic decision-making, such as:

  • Which technologies to invest in to support short and long-term strategies?
  • Which technologies can solve existing problems and provide a competitive advantage?
  • Which markets are commercially viable for specific emerging technologies?
  • How to enter commercially-viable markets? (For example, which market players to partner with?

This case study explains how a global interactive and visual effects service provider unlocked the potential of wearable AR systems in targeted strategic markets. Through a technology assessment study conducted by Netscribes, it was able to understand the technology and market potential of both existing and emerging AR-based services and prepare a future-ready R&D roadmap.

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