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Very few people manage to make a name for themselves at a very young age and Raviv Dozetas is one among them. This man from South Africa is today a very well-known person in the construction field. Raviv is a highly respectable person who has made a name for himself at an age of just 37 in the construction industry. Raviv has a specialization in Architectural Design & Technology and is also an award winning graduate who is not only a property director but also writes in blogs. He has teamed up with two other people by name Jibran Hussain, 22 and Hassan Sohail, 24, who are also as young and dynamic as Raviv. The duo has joined hands with Raviv Dozetas to make their venture into the construction industry. Both Jibran Hussain and Hassan Sohail are graduates. Jibran has done his Civil and Architectural Engineering from Nelson, Lancashire and Hassan is a graduate in Architectural Design and Technology from Gatley, Cheshire. The three of them led by Raviv Dozetas rose to popularity within a very short period of time and has gained a very good reputation in the construction field at a very early stage.

The trio has done a lot of research on construction and has come up with some real great ideas that has entirely changed the way construction work is carried out. The team uses the latest and state of the art technologies in construction and this is what sets them apart from the rest. The team has brought in a revolution in the construction field by adopting the latest technologies in construction and the best example that showcases their work is the recently designed link bridge. The link bridge connects the Peel Park and The Crescent (A6). This bridge has been a dream of the nearby population as it is considered to be connecting various communities. Raviv and his team have designed the bridge that runs over the Irwell in a very futuristic way. The design was very much appreciated and also approved by the members of the Salford City Council. While the project was put on hold for some unforeseen circumstances, because of which the design was lying in the office for quite some time, it is now back on track and the plan is to construct the bridge as designed by Raviv. The bridge has strobes of light that would beam from it that would help the people see the bridge even in the night from a far of distance.

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