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Safety light curtains are photoelectric sensors that protect people or workers from injuries associated with dangerous moving machinery such as winders, presses, and palletizers that have the potential to cause harm. Light curtains provide high safety and greater productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort and are the more ergonomically sound solution as compared to mechanical guards.

Safety light curtains can also be used as a substitute to mechanical barriers and other traditional machine guarding systems. Safety light curtains can enhance the maintainability of the equipment they are guarding by minimizing the need for physical guards and barriers.

Growing demand for safety light curtains in various industries such as automotive, healthcare, and food and beverages is driving the growth of the global safety light curtains market. Safety light curtains are widely used in the automotive industry in order to ensure the safety of workers working on hazardous machines that carry out activities such as welding, pressing, and cutting.

Increasing number of industrial accidents is one of the primary factors responsible for the increasing demand for safety light curtains. Automation is widely established in industrial sectors and has a correlation to the increasing number of accidents at the workplace. Automated activities include assembly, store management, materials handling, packaging, and processing.

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The risk of unexpected machine movements or industrial accidents are increasing as most of the work is getting fully automated and is no longer under the control of human workforce. Hence, the adoption of safety light curtains is increasing in order to prevent accidents that may occur due to the mismanagement of heavy machines. Rising need for safety light curtains in the packaging industry and rise in industrial revolution 4.0 are some of the factors boosting the growth of the safety light curtains market.

The adoption of robotic technology in the packaging industry is increasing rapidly owing to the increased ease of use, reliability and accuracy, and reduced costs. Technological advancement in robots are escalating the primary packaging functions, such as cutting, coating, pick-and-place operations, and cartooning applications. However, the need for regular maintenance and inability of safety light curtains to offer protection from secondary dangers may hinder the growth of the safety light curtains market.

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The global safety light curtains market can be segmented based on component, safety level, industry, and geography. On the basis of component, the market can be segmented into photoelectric cells, LED, display unit, control unit, and enclosures. On the basis of safety level, the market can be segmented into type 2 and type 4.

Type 4 segment is expected to expand significantly during the forecast period owing to the benefits provided by type 4 safety light curtains such as finger detection, hand detection, as well as body detection in order to prevent unexpected accidents. In terms of industry, the global safety light curtains market can be segmented into automotive, food and beverages, packaging and others.

Geographically, the global safety light curtains market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period as China is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the region.