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As one of the world’s most experienced educators and the leading expert in Governance Consultation & CEO Selection in Canada, Chairman Of Board has been a major influence in a lot of decisions in the corporate governance world. Chairman of Board has been the frontrunner and top guide in the selection of CEO by top companies around the world. With their vast and deep knowledge coupled with years of experience in the corporate world, their service is second to none. One of the top clients in their list of clients is McKinsey & Co. and they offer advisory services to them on governance and joint ventures globally. They also offer services to Goldcorp, Invesprint, Strong co, First service and City Financial.

The role of boards in numerous companies has become increasingly complex in recent times and investors, academics, legislators, regulators and the general public are increasingly worried about the effectiveness of boards and directors. For both these reasons, many boards now seek the assistance of consultants to aid in auditing and reviewing their governance structures and processes, as well as to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the board and of individual directors.

The purpose of this company as the best in Governance Consultation Canada is to create an effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management skill that can deliver the long-term success of any company in Canada and beyond. Their belief is that the vast chasm between the Board of Directors and the management team can be bridged and it is an utmost goal for the company to bridge that chasm by helping in making informed and intelligent decisions. With an already developed toolset to help span those chasms, this company is ready to work. These tools will lengthen the odds that the strategic decisions made by the board and management will result in a longer term, sustainable competitive differentiation advantage (LTSCDA). Some of these tools range from “Top Ten Tips” to keep strategy at the top of the Board agenda to “The Chairs Three Critical Tasks: Talent, Tone & Time”.

Selecting a new CEO is the most important thing a board does. Choose the right one and everything else will be easier. Choose the wrong one, however, and it can be a catastrophe. The framework being developed by the consultation company in CEO Selection Canada ensures that the differences in the CEO job, described by A.G. Lafley the Chair/CEO of P&G as “a gear change” and by Sir David Walker, the former chair of Barclay’s bank, as “nearly impossible” is built up. Once the board has considered the general differences in any CEO position it must then confront the challenge of what specific challenges their company will face over the next 5-7 years.