Bulgarian IT industry is making it easy for UK businesses to increase their profits

Over the recent years Eastern European IT industry has earned a privileged position on the radar of UK businesses. A growing number of British businesses are choosing to work with off-shore partners from that region, Bulgaria in particular, for their BPO and IT needs, that including several of the British Government institutions as well. The main reason for that is an obvious one: the IT value that businesses get in return of their investments, mainly due to the difference of standard of living and therefore cost of services. Leveraging between the low cost of producing a product in one less expensive market and selling it to another more capable of paying one.

It’s a win-win situation – both sides earn from that relationship – UK businesses get to develop their products for a fraction of the cost they would pay onshore and the Eastern European IT vendors get to work with sustainable clients that ensure the continuity of businesses in the long run.

To open this opportunity to more UK business, the British Bulgarian Business Association (BBBA) in cooperation with one of the leading Bulgarian IT companies, BGO Software, are organising an IT Roadshow taking place in London and Liverpool between the 11th and the 15th of June.

The roadshow will consist of a series of events with some the largest and most active UK chambers of commerce, including Thames Valley, Gatwick Diamond, and Liverpool Chamber of commerce. The initiative is also supported by the Bulgarian Embassy which will host an official reception on the 12th of June where all UK business representatives are invited to meet the leaders of the Bulgarian IT industry.

Why visit?

Bulgaria is a business destination that is widely recognised in the UK. The benefits for British businesses are many including, but not limited to:

· Location: Bulgaria & the UK are geographically close (hence the minor time difference isn’t a concern);
· Language: most Bulgarians speak fluent English;
· Talent pool: Bulgaria offers a large range of IT specialists – the country has been named the Silicon Valley of Europe;
· Quality of work: Bulgarian IT companies have a proven track record of delivering high quality software development (Example: the UK Health Research Authority selected BGO Software to develop a nation-wide service for the submission of clinical research applications);
· Cost-effectiveness: software development rates have proven to offer cost-containment solutions for UK business projects.

To learn more about this initiative or sign up for any of the events, please visit https://ictroadshow.com.