The Connection Between Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Commerce

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear about artificial intelligence and conversational commerce is that this is probably something that needs to happen face to face to achieve the best possible outcome. Well, you might want to think again and see this approach in the online environment where AI could help live chat agents improve their communication skills. But the question that you need to ask yourself at this point is – should you hire an enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert?
No, you do not! The right professionals that have come up with the technology behind the platform that will help your agents become better at their jobs were not motivated by spreading coaches all over the world. They were motivated by the mere fact that businesses from all over the world would be able to train their employees without needing to hire anyone else. They would just have to benefit from the right platform that could analyse the agents’ conversations and provide a personalized report where mistakes are pointed out and where better alternatives are provided.
You would even say that the right artificial intelligence approach would make it possible for your live chat employees to learn from their own mistakes. How amazing is that? Although you might believe that hiring an enterprise artificial intelligence sales expert is cheaper, you might want to reconsider. Look at it from a different point of view – coaches do not provide personalized help. They work with a more generalized perception of the live chat sales situation.
You would end up wasting your money on such a professional. To actually see immediate results, opting for an AI engine is a much better idea. The insights offered by the artificial intelligence machine are based not only on the conversations, but also on what your brand is all about. It is all a combination that will help your employees learn just how to improve their performance when talking to your target audience. They will know how to use punctuation, what better phrases they can rely on in specific situations and so on.
By combining artificial intelligence and conversational commerce, agents will talk to leads based on what they know, on how they feel and on what motivates them to carry on. But, with the help of the AI training solution, they will learn how to overcome their shortcomings as well as the common issues that are associated with online communication through chat. They will be great at sending just the right message, at triggering the buying behaviour of the individuals that they chat with and even convince them to buy more!
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