Van Matre Construction, LLC Is a Trusted Foundation Repair Specialist in Denver

Van Matre Construction, LLC provides foundation repair services to strengthen homes and preserve their value.

[LAFAYETTE, 25/5/2018] – Van Matre Construction, LLC helps Denver homeowners solve structural problems. Its foundation repair services keep homes in good shape. Clients count on the contractor to complete construction projects within budget and on time.

The Cost of Foundation Repair

Foundation settlement can result in problematic property structures, which could lead to issues like cracked walls, water damage, sagging floors, warped ceilings, and improperly fitting doors and windows. With prompt foundation repair, homeowners can strengthen their home and prevent further property damage.

A report from Home Advisor shows that the national average cost of foundation repair is $3,996. Various factors affect the cost of repair work — the extent and location of the damage, the type of foundation, the method for repairs, and the type of soil around the foundation.

Some foundation repairs may call for underpinning through concrete or steel piers to secure the foundation on deeper and stable soil. Major foundation work, on the other hand, requires removing landscaping and using heavy equipment for tunneling.

Foundation Repair Specialists in Denver

Van Matre Construction, LLC helps restore house foundations in Colorado. The company is an experienced contractor with a solid foundation of foundational restoration knowledge and expertise. Its team specializes in issues related to walls, slopes, foundations, and other structural problems. The company’s services include:

• Stabilization – The team retrofits property foundations to improve and support of their load-bearing walls.
• Floor repairs – The company repairs foundations and provides trusted and effective floor repair solutions.
• Concrete slab repair – The company’s services include structural crack repairs for sinking and settling concrete floor slabs.
• Chimney repairs – As a trusted and licensed contractor, the team’s technicians evaluate leaning chimney problems.

About Van Matre Construction, LLC

Van Matre Construction, LLC is a construction company in Colorado that offers commercial and residential construction and remodeling services. These include vertical movement, lateral movement, drainage and grading, residential construction, and more.

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