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Precasting is great for producing large numbers of identical components. We could then use precasting to produce wall slabs and floor slabs for all the apartments, and then lift them into place and connect them.

The use of precast structural systems is progressing at a fast pace worldwide and used extensively in countries. The reason for vast precast construction usage lies in its several advantages in comparison to conventional construction. Apart from speeding up the construction to a great extent, precasing also ensures improved quality, safety, productivity and is comparatively better sustainable construction

It is worth mentioning that after earthquake and tsunami disaster, the rehabilitation of housing facilities dictates that strong and yet fast and low-cost housing facilities are badly needed in that region. Similarly, earthquake disaster in Yogyakarta requires low-cost housings. Several applications of precast concrete structure in part have provided such needed facilities.
In private sector, several prominent realtors have already joined the apartment project, especially for middle up to high income people

Since it is done in a purpose-built precasting yard or factory, it makes construction easier for the following reasons:
The construction is done on the ground rather than at a height
It can be done inside a climate-controlled structure, eliminating problems of rain, dust, cold, or heat
Specialised formwork (moulds) can be built for doing many repetitions of the same component
Specialised equipment can be used to make, move, and pour the liquid concrete
Curing of the concrete can be done in a controlled environment

This means that the quality of precast components can be very high.

Reinforced concrete is a material usually used for structural systems due to its strength, durability, and affordability. Precast concrete is used in the following ways:
To make beams, columns, floor slabs, foundations, and other structural members for buildings
To make wall or cladding panels for buildings
To make precast pre-stressed elements for buildings (see below)
To make components for infrastructure projects: elements such as bridge spans, or metro line viaducts are often precast in a casting yard
To make products for sale: precast water tanks, septic tanks, drainage chambers, railway sleepers, floor beams, boundary walls, water pipes are all available

For infrastructure projects, a casting yard is created on a piece of open land in the city. It is important that this be located near a major highway, as the precast elements can be very large or heavy, and cannot be taken through narrow roads.

The future of construction industry in India undoubtedly lies in precast. The above mentioned view plan is based on the various article written by engineers in the pre casting industry .

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