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Kitchen Duct Clean take care of all your kitchen cleaning needs. We provide specialized kitchen cleaning solutions to your commercial kitchen such as extraction systems like canopies, fans, and grills. We help in reaching the most stubborn and hard places not covered in your daily cleaning routine. We have high quality, professional, cost-effective deep kitchen extraction cleaning experts.

Our engineers are fully trained and qualified. Our priority is making sure that your kitchen meets the required necessities. We offer kitchen deep cleans and appliance cleans. Our professional kitchen deep cleaning service removes all the built-up grease and dirt from the kitchen and ensures that all your equipment meets the safety requirements. All work is carried out under the skilled worker’s supervision and we make sure that all aspects are performed thoroughly. A certificate is issued under the TR19 industry standards after every full service. We have designed our 3 tier service plan so that you can choose according to your wants. It includes gold, silver, and bronze package. We are a proud company that makes every effort to offer excellent quality service. We have a team of dedicated staff who believe in giving full satisfaction to their customers.

We use antimicrobial and antibacterial solution to kill bacteria. We work with maximum efficiency and create a germ-free and clean environment for your kitchen. We do cleaning using modern equipment and machinery. Our latest technology gives you high-quality services and costs effective kitchen cleaning. We believe in making our customer happy by giving them up to date service so that they can further suggest our name to their friends and relatives.

We customized our packages according to your budget, availability, and preferences and never compromise on work quality. We ensure that with our services are client comes back to us again and again. Whenever you need a service replacement, we are here to help. Whenever you need new ducting, extension or modifications please contact us. You can call us or can visit our official website to know more about us.

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DuctAir uk

Address: 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX
Phone: 0207 305 5908