Scott W. Grant, DMD Does Quick, Easy Wisdom Tooth Removal

The family and cosmetic dentistry, Scott W. Grant, DMD, wisdom teeth removal uses cutting edge equipment to provide reduced pain and better comfort throughout the procedure.

[Meridian, 5/24/2018] – Scott W. Grant, DMD Severe urges those who are experiencing severe pain in the mouth to come in for a checkup as this could be an impacted tooth.

The family and cosmetic dentistry explains, “Not everyone will have wisdom teeth that erupt from the gums, and not everyone will need them removed, but for cases where they are causing pain, growing in crooked, or potentially causing your otherwise straight teeth to move around, many dentists recommend that you have them removed.”

The Meridian-based dental office offers quick and easy wisdom tooth removal.

Early Extraction Avoids Complications

Patients suffering from severe complications and pain tied to impacted wisdom teeth need to have them removed right away. Scott W. Grant, DMD says the procedure may work as easily as possible for patients aged 15 up to 25. For patients in the said age bracket, the recovery time can be shorter.

The clinic mentions the following complications that they can avoid through early wisdom teeth extractions:

• Bacterial infection that may lead to a wound
• Cysts or tumors forming around impacted teeth
• Chronic pain
• Orthodontia complications with bite and tooth alignment

An Overview on the Procedure

Scott W. Grant, DMD performs detailed x-ray and oral examinations to find out how tooth eruption progresses for young adults and teens. The clinic recommends an immediate procedure for older adults who experience the complications and the symptoms.

Patients may either go through full anesthesia or local anesthesia when undergoing the entire wisdom tooth removal procedure. Before anything else, the staff discusses the entire process to the patient and suggests which kind of procedure can work best for the patient.

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