Text My Main Number Announced Chat Feature In Its Text to Landline Offering

Text My Main Number is a leading landline texting service provider company based out of New York, USA. The company offers the best landline texting service to businesses. As part of their landline texting service for business, the company provides a web based app to access and use landline texting for business. This web app is known as Text to Landline solution and it is furnished with a lot of simple to advanced features to empower a business with various texting features.

The company has been delighting its clients with its free support services and adding new features in the available text to landline solution. Recently, a representative of the company has announced the availability of the chat feature in its text to landline solution. According to the shared details, the chat feature will be really beneficial to those clients who deal with a lot of message conversations on a regular basis. It will help the company to chat with multiple people at the same time via texting. This will be a great contributor in empowering communication and improved user satisfaction.

The Director of Operations of the company, Ash Vyas, addressed media representatives and shed more light on their chat feature. The information shared by her is recited below:

“We offer chat function as a built-in feature in our text to landline solution. Please don’t misunderstand it with a web based live chat solution. It is for quick text chat. The chat feature of the landline texting is same as your SMS chat feature in the mobile phone or Smartphone. It allows you to send and receive SMS quickly to have a text chat with one of the contacts or a person. You can see the complete thread of text messages sent and received. The company representative can chat with multiple people at the same time. In simple words, our chat feature in enhanced to support multiple open chat windows.”

Key benefits of chat feature in the text to landline solution:
• Effectively handle current communication
• Provide text based chat support to multiple people at the same time
• Decrease customer waiting queue
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Better resource utilization
• Increased ROI
• And more
About Text My Main Number

It is a USA based landline texting service provider company. The company offers the landline texting service to all industry verticals worldwide. The text to landline solution of the company is furnished with the best-in-the-industry features. The company offers a free demo and a risk free trial to its prospects. For more details, please visit http://textmymainnumber.com/