Organ And Tissue Transplant & Alternatives Market – Growing Field Due to Increasing Prevalence of Organ and Tissue Failure Diseases

Organ transplantation is a medical procedure which involves removal of an organ from a body and transplanting into the body of a recipient, replacing a damaged or missing organ. Organs may be transported from a donor site or the donor and recipient may be at the same location.
Market Overview
Organ transplantation is the last therapeutic option of treatment in the final stage of organ failure. Major organs transplanted are liver, lungs, heart, pancreas, kidney, thymus and intestine. Various organs and tissues including skin, bone, tendons, eyes, heart valves and arteries cannot be donated and can be done post the death of the donor. Tissue donation can also be performed while the donor is alive for cases of bone marrow transplant, removal of amniotic membrane from one’s placenta after giving birth or liver transplant.

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Organs and tissue donation can improve a vast number of lives through organ transplant or tissue grafts respectively. Most people can become tissue donors after the death whereas organ donation is specifically done when the donor is still alive. The organ failure occurs owing to several factors such as loss of blood, serious trauma, drug abuse, poisoning, sepsis, leukemia and various other acute diseases. Demand for the organ and tissue transplantation mainly, liver, kidney, lungs, heart is increasing globally.
Furthermore, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and unhealthy dietary habits also causes organ failure. Increasing incidences for acute diseases has enhanced the number of organ failure. For instance, high blood pressure, diabetes are two very common causes of end-stage rental diseases in which dialysis or kidney transplant are the only treatment for keeping the patients healthy and alive.

Top Industry Player’s
Some of the major players in the market of organ and tissue transplantation are Abbott, Arthrex, Bristol-Myers, Biomet, Celera, Centacor and Novartis. Major leading players are involved in developing new products, mergers and acquisitions, and regional expansion for gaining the maximum share in the market. Increasing number of tissue banks and introduction of technology advanced products are few major factors spurring the industry growth.
However, the huge gap between demand and supply of organ for treatment and shortage of organ donors for transplantation are expected to restrain the market growth. Furthermore, better procurement and harvesting techniques, advance tissue matching and effective anti-infective regimens and vastly improved immunosuppression regimens are also supporting the industry growth.
Global organ and tissue transplant & alternatives market has been segmented on the basis of products and regions. On the basis of product, the market has been segregated into tissue typing technology, solid organ procurement and preservation, tissue products, immunosuppressant, post translational monitoring of tissue and organ. Tissue typing technology has been further bifurcated into panel typing and sequencing typing. Furthermore, solid organ procurement and preservation segment has been divided into heart valve, stem cells, and bone matrix products.

Regional Analysis
North America is projected to dominate the industry owing to well-developed healthcare facilities, and local presence of medical devices and biotechnology companies such as Novartis AG, Medtronic. Europe region is also expected to acquire major share over the forecast period owing to increasing government focus on reforming organ donation policies. Asia Pacific regional growth is anticipated to led by rise in private corporate hospitals with medical equipment and treatment technologies and developing healthcare infrastructure.

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