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Alan Butcher Components has been supplying piezo transducers for over 30 years.

Piezo transducers are audible buzzers and sounders that contain a piezo electric vibration plate (known as a piezo element) surrounded by a moulded case. Sound is generated when a voltage is applied and the piezo element inside the case vibrates.

This type of audio device is driven using AC voltage (a wave signal) and they require additional circuitry to produce a sound. This offers great flexibility for the design engineer as they are able to create the sound they require by designing their own drive circuit. Piezo transducers also have lower current consumption in comparison to electro-mechanical devices. However, the need to design a circuit can make the design process slightly more complex.

Our piezo transducers range can be found on our website by clicking on Audio Transducers within our Buzzers and Sounders section.

Our most popular piezo transducer products include the ABT-402-RC and the ABT-436-RC .

Operating Voltage: 1-20Vp-p
Rated Voltage: 5Vp-p
Rated Current: 1mA
Resonant Frequency: 4000Hz
Sound Output (Min): 80dB
Pin Pitch: 7.6mm
Diameter: 13.8mm Height: 6.8mm

Operating Voltage: 1-30Vp-p
Rated Voltage: 5Vp-p
Rated Current: 1mA
Resonant Frequency: 4000Hz
Sound Output (Min): 78dB
Pin Pitch: 10mm
Diameter: 17mm Height: 7mm

They are used in a wide variety of applications including;

– Pressure gauges
– Detection equipment
– Medical devices
– Security and Safety products

They are cost effective, reliable sounders, currently available from stock at Alan Butcher Components. Email to request a quotation.

We have recently introduced the ABT-462-RC piezo transducer to our range. It is an alternative to the Kingstate part KPEG182 and generates a sound output of over 100dB. It is an excellent warning device for applications used within relatively noisy environments.

Our piezo transducers are available with PCB pins, leads or surface mount. Surface mount devices tend to be electro-mechanical and so if you are looking for a piezo SMT buzzer, try our ABT-439-RC or ABT-458-RC.

We have a wide variety of leaded devices on our website. Our ABT-459-RC is our smallest leaded piezo transducer at 10mm diameter, generating a sound output of 80dB.

Furthermore, we are able to customise our piezo transducer products by adding leads or altering lead lengths and fitting connectors.

We have highly experienced field representatives who are available to visit and discuss your requirements and please feel free to contact them to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, please call our sales and technical team on 01258 456360 or email to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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