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Jaylynn Studios offers professional infant photography services in Salt Lake City to capture the special moments of newborn babies.

[SALT LAKE CITY, 04/13/2018] — Newborns don’t stay little forever. They generally remain tiny during their first few weeks. After that, they gradually outgrow all the cute newborn baby clothes bought especially for them by their parents as well as by their relatives and their parents’ friends. So, it is best to capture an infant’s special moments, possibly with Jaylynn Studios, perhaps garbed in their infant clothing, while time still allows it.

JayLynn Studios, a Salt Lake City-based photography studio, offers infant photography services that capture the priceless moments of newborn babies.

A Photography Session with a Strict Time Limit

Newborn photography is not something that parents can put off until the last minute. Newborn babies only remain tiny for a few weeks. Parents should schedule a photo session soon after the baby’s birth, preferably when the infant is 5 to 12 days old, to preserve these special moments.

Furthermore, a photography session when the baby is still a couple of weeks old is ideal. Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping while curled up in their initial fetal position in the womb, and it would be difficult to capture such poses when the growth spurt hits and the baby starts stretching its limbs.

Photographers Who Deliver Great Results

JayLynn Studios offers professional newborn photography in Salt Lake City. Its fun and creative photographers know that a baby won’t stay tiny forever. For this reason, they apply modern techniques and adopt a unique approach to capture a baby’s angelic face in a variety of moods and expressions.

About JayLynn Studios

JayLynn Studios is a studio based in Salt Lake City. It offers various services for local customers: family photography, senior photography, make-over or glamour services, children and infants photography, wedding photography, and business photography. Additionally, it offers free sessions for missionary photography and military/veterans photography.

The studio always aims for client satisfaction, so it takes a unique approach to all of its offered services. It has a team of photographers who capture precious moments and preserve priceless memories of Salt Lake City locals. Find out more at