Blue Collar Jobs Marketplace — Just Jobs Crosses Milestone of 20,000 Employer Registrations in Just 16 Months

New Delhi

Just.Jobs India’s primary online job portal for blue collared jobs has just crossed 20,000 employer registrations in just 16 months. Founded back in ­2016 Just.Jobs has recently gained popularity for providing reliable and instant blue collared employees, what they say “in the blink of an eye.”

For startups and small-medium businesses, Just.Jobs is an innovative staffing startup that is connecting companies to blue-collared staffs. Just.Jobs has also currently launched its mobile app for job seekers to search jobs on the go from their Android phones. This app is absolutely free and easy to operate.

Do you need a job?

If you are a blue-collared job seeker and are looking for an opportunity to work with companies like Flipkart, UrbanClap, BigBasket, Portea, Uber, Zoomcar, 1mg, Ola and many more, then Just.Jobs is the place for you. Often termed as ‘LinkedIn of entry-level jobs’, Just.Jobs has many varieties of employers as per your location and interest.

A job seeker can quickly sign-up and choose from a variety of jobs for small to mid-sized businesses. To your surprise Just.Jobs even have jobs in sectors like Accounting, Babysitting, Beautician, Carpentry, BPO, Cook, Delivery, Driver, Housekeeping, IT Professionals, Machinists, Personal Assistants, Fitness Trainer and countless more.

You don’t have to imagine it anymore because it’s already happening. Imagine 20,000+ different employers offering several job opportunities looking out for you! , The platform even provides job opportunities in major Indian cities like – Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur and many more.

To Sum Up, Is This Just a Platform for Entry Level Jobseekers?

NO! Just.Jobs is on a mission to transform India’s unorganized job sector. The platform works in a two-way system, which is open for both, job-seeker and job-giver i.e. employer. Unlike any other job providing portal, the platform does not partake in any kind of paid campaigns.This platform does not nor ask for any kind of payment or subscription pack from a job seeker.

“Here, we understand that a person who is looking for the job is often not interested in paying for these services. This is not how we plan on laying the foundation of our company. By free we mean absolutely FREE, no hidden charges, no subscription, NOTHING!”

Since, in the blue-collared sector, time is a very critical parameter. When a vacancy arises, it needs to be filled right then and in an instant. To tackle with this, Just.Jobs sends instant notifications to job seekers who might be interested in that job. The platform is also open to employers who are looking to hire someone.

With Just Jobs, not a single opportunity is missed on and that the requirements of an employer are served instantaneously. Just.Jobs has even helped some employers to get the right employees within hours of the ad being published.

“This is the reason why more and more employers are now paying attention towards our platform. It usually takes around 5-6 working days to get a right employee for a job. But with our algorithm, we suggest the best available wannabees for a job that could start the work right away!”

Website and Android App

An employer can easily post the requirements through its website by registering on the portal.
You can easily access the portal through its website and a dedicated Android app which is available on the play store for FREE.

“Language should not be a problem. Hence the website and Android app will soon be available in both Hindi and English languages.”

Just Jobs has not just bridged the gap between the available jobs and skilled job seekers in the entry-level jobs sector but provided a trusted platform for the blue-collared job seekers to easily make their own profile.
Be smart by signing up on the portal and browse through jobs daily. The best is still out there looking for you, be available on Just.Jobs!

About Company
Just Jobs is an innovative online staffing company that serves blue collar jobs sector in India. It is India’s leading one-stop destination for recruitment in informal job sector for households and small to medium-sized businesses. Just Jobs aims to bridge the gap between the right skill and the right opportunity.

Before Just Jobs, both employers and job seekers have to be constantly dependent upon (sometimes and expensive) fraudulent agencies, however, using Just Jobs makes the entire process completely digital, transparent and free from malpractices. Ever since its launch, Just Jobs has become a first-choice platform for blue collar jobs, thanks to its simplicity and fast nature. Just Jobs is truly a people’s portal aiming to help employers hire the skilled people effortlessly and enable job seekers to seize better jobs fast and easy.

A Just Jobs Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. company, Just Jobs is based in New Delhi, India and was founded in August 2016. Both job seekers and employers can get useful updates, relevant information, and tips through its rich presence on prime social media channels as well.

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