Here’s How Business Travelers Are Still Dependent on Travel Portals & Agents

With the advancement in technology, the internet tends to be an equalizer between the business travellers and travel websites. With the web being brimmed up with hundreds of travel websites and booking portals, it has become easier for corporate travellers to book their own travel itinerary and save some fortune. But this doesn’t seem the case as the business professionals continue to prefer specialized travel agents and make use of their portals to fulfill their travel requirements. And to be frank, those corporate travellers tend to pay extra bugs to redeem the special services or travel packages offered by the booking website. So, it is always a good deal to contact online travel booking and travel management,people.

But why is it so? Why the business experts still rely on a number of travel booking portals for their bookings, despite knowing self-booking aids? Well, the answer to this question hides in many factors. Business travellers seem to pay out of their pockets for the specialized services for a number of benefits which include:

• Greater access to the information

Travel agents tend to provide the complete information required by a business traveller. Be it the flight booking details, hotel booking or any extra information relating to special service, the travellers get the maximum access to the entire information. On the other hand, while booking self, one doesn’t find exceptional access to all the minute details.

• Discount Offers

Along with several other benefits, there are also some amazing perkslike discount and coupon offers due to dealing with large volume of travelling individuals.The travel booking portals allow their clients to get better yet cheaper rates on their flights, hotels and also help them to avail discounts on their entire trip booking.

• Travel agents act as the best emergencies contact

For a business traveller, it is quite painstaking to deal with his travel schedules and booking details.In any situational problem contacting travel agent could help them in taking the stress off from their shoulders. Well, online travel booking and their team could act as a saviour for the traveller in the new city or country. For any help, one could seek assistance from their b2b hotel booking portal in India.

• Savestime, money and energy

A business professional does everything possible to save their time. For them, every moment is crucial and hence, they feel the need of travel agents for their every travel help. This not only helps them to save their time but also the energy too.

Well, Roomsxpert is one such online booking engine for corporate and enterprises that offers you helping hand for your travel needs.


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