Positive Impressions, LLC’s Sanitizers Ensure Hygiene in Vet Clinics

The Wisconsin-based vet clinic supplier quickly ships its hygiene-oriented products aimed at preserving a cleaner environment for both pets and their owners.

[WISCONSIN, 1/31/2018] – A clean, hospitable environment helps veterinary clinics maintain the comfort and safety of its patients. As part of its service to the veterinary industry, Positive Impressions, LLC offers its line of sanitizers, which ensure hygiene for clinics across the country.

Prioritizing Hygiene and Comfort

Leaving moisture unattended in pet areas contributes to the development of ammonia, a harmful yet invisible gas that can cause respiratory damage and suffocation. Fortunately, Positive Impressions, LLC’s veterinary sanitizers help clinics maintain a healthy and safe environment for pets and the staff.

The company explains, “Kennel Fresh is our newest offering, eliminating wetness in pet areas, absorbing moisture that causes ammonia and ammonia odors that can affect respiration, and providing a safer and healthier environment for all species of pets.”

The all-natural powder-based sanitizer comes in a 10 lb. pouch and 2 lb. shaker bottle for easy use. Other than eliminating unpleasant odor, the product also acts as a bedding conditioner, proven to help eliminate bacteria. The product also mitigates ammonia poisoning.

The company also offers Trailer Fresh and Stall Fresh, which sanitize horse trailers and stalls, respectively. Both products work in a similar fashion as Kennel Fresh.

Quick Shipping and a Money-Back Guarantee

Shopping with Positive Impressions, LLC is a quick and hassle-free experience. The company ensures that every product they offer arrives at its destination within five business days through the UPS Ground Delivery Service.

Positive Impressions, LLC also ensures that clients can track their orders. The company explains, “You can login to your Positive Impressions account any time to check the status of your order. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with the UPS tracking code once your product has been shipped.”

About Positive Impressions, LLC

Established in Black River Falls, Wisconsin in 2008, Positive Impressions, LLC has been providing an extensive selection of customizable greeting cards, calendars, supply bags, and other merchandise focused on leaving a positive impression on those who receive their products. The company also commits itself to animal welfare, donating to vet clinics afflicted by natural disasters.

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