RNCOS White Paper: Indian Smart Cities

“The Indian government’s Rs 98,000-crore initiative envisions to address the country’s rapid urbanization- says RNCOS”

While India’s urban population is projected to increase to about 600 million by 2030, its growth has not been accompanied with commensurate increases in urban housing, infrastructure, and service delivery. To overcome this backdrop of urban inequality and inadequate living conditions in Indian cities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Smart City Mission in 2015. This plan entails the comprehensive development of core infrastructure, including, water and electricity supply, urban mobility, affordable housing, sanitation, health, and safety in 109 smart cities and upgrade existing cities under the Smart Cities Mission. It is estimated that investments of US$2 trillion are required over 20 years to build Smart Cities in the country. Presently, 16 public-private partnership smart city projects are being implemented and 36 public private partnership (PPP) projects are at various stages of tendering.

Highlighting the huge opportunities in the segment, Shushmul Maheshwari, CEO, RNCOS said, “Smart governance is prominent focus while developing Smart Cities. This can dramatically alter the productivity of people; help governments and companies to save huge amount of resources. He further added, “Information technology solutions, is integrating various technologies to come out with customized solution for Indian smart cities”.

For instance, the recent advances in computing and data analysis are developing tools that can enable cities and governments to deliver real-time services. These resources can provide million of citizen’s access to basic services and getting them closer to the government offerings.

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Download the white paper from this link: http://rncos.viewpage.co/Indian-Smart-City

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