Avail Professional Help with Suspended Website to Once Again Make Your Presence Online

If you are the owner of a website and are concerned about its safety, here is a good news for you. Onehoursitefix is a company that can not only fix and repair your website that has been hacked but also protect your site from future attacks. It is very simple, easy and friendly and there is absolutely no IT jargon that confuses people more than giving any kind of clarity. You can just get it fixed and get it protected and stay carefree. Onehoursitefix uses SharkGate technology to protect your website. This technology has been developed by its founding company SharkGate. The company was founded in the year 2014 by some security experts who have spent more than 20 years working in the IT security for various multinational companies. The experts have spent good amount of time in various companies like Nokia, Microsoft, Accenture, German Stock Exchange and various other high profile city banks. The idea behind starting this company came in when they realized that there were several small companies that became soft target to malicious activities in the web world. The low profile websites were easily targeted by hackers who were making huge amounts of money from these sites and yet most of these companies could not afford to have an in-house security expertise to deal with such kind of issues.

This is when the team came forward to start a company that can create an affordable and robust cloud-based security platform called SharkGate that could provide protection to such websites. Any company irrespective of whether it is a large company or small company, can approach the company to safeguard the website from hackers. The team is highly experienced and well educated. The team has all the expertise to deliver the best to the clients. The team does not like to see the client again after the website has been fixed. Such is the determination with which the team members work. They would like to see the problem getting fixed once and for all. The SharkGate acts as a wall between the website and the bad guys. The wall is so strong that the bad guys can never be able to enter the website again. The team also has the capability to help with suspended website and make sure that they unsuspend website. The SharkGate will make sure that only legitimate visitors have access to your website. The SharkGate firewall protection also has a dashboard that will give you an account of all the attacks that have been blocked by it and also tells you the source of the attacks.

If you are looking for removal Malware from WordPress site, then onehoursitefix will help you to clean up your site within 1 hour. You have the option to either fix malware of your own or let onehoursitefix automatically clean it. For more details follow our website http://www.onehoursitefix.com

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