Roller shutters are a common sight on commercial or business premises. However, due to their many benefits, home owners are choosing to install roller shutters instead of considering other forms of window treatment. The reason for this popularity is many. Security is the most important reason why property owners choose to use roller shutters. Apart from the security aspect, modern day roller shutters come in a variety of designs, patterns, colours and styles which adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home and property. But here are some more reasons to use roller shutters for your house.

Multiple uses

Roller shutters can be used for a range of applications. In the commercial setting, they can be used for shop doors and windows, warehouses and storage areas, etc. In the residential setting, garage doors are very often a roller shutter. Besides, they can be installed on doors and windows, making them extremely versatile.

Security, the most important reason

Roller shutters are made up of a strong metal, generally aluminium or galvanised steel. They are fitted close to the windows or doors and quite difficult to prise open. As such they provide the highest degree of security for your house from burglaries. Roller shutters also protect your property from vandalism and damages.

Protection from the elements

The sun’s UV rays can have quite the damaging effect on your home interiors. Direct sunlight tends to fade upholstery, furnishings and flooring in your house. Roller shutters due to their solid metal structure block out the sun rays completely, protecting your interiors. They also prevent the intense heat from entering the home in summer and from escaping out in winter thus providing much needed insulation.

Controlling your privacy

Just like window blinds, roller shutters can be used to control the privacy of your home. They also allow you to control the amount of light entering your home. The shutters can be raised or lowered to a particular level according to your need for privacy and light.

Storm protection

Hurricanes and stormy winds can completely damage your window panes. Louvre Shutters closely fitted to the windows are sturdy enough to withstand this damaging impact. Protection from bush fires is another advantage of installing roller shutters. This is one of the reasons why roller shutters are suitable for Australian homes.

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