Sony Music New Star* IKILL ORION. Bowie Reanimate.

The Internet killed the rock star! Rock & Roll is an endangered species a dying breed. Cult
hero IKILL ORION is a different kind of animal one that is electro-fying. In a world where Pop Muse Sick is a matter of life & death tweets and likes are worth more than precious gold. An enigma armed with a dangerous style IKILL ORION ‘Technorion’ sound fuses Electroclash/Post-Rock /Future Pop. The thin black duke Buddhist punk transforms frequencies like a next wave band of cells. His underground debut killer track ‘Chemical’ spreads like a virus “lights up the dance floor & burns third degree”.

The infectious + contagious single was composed by (UK) hit producer Ade Fenton long time collaborator of legendary artist Gary Numan. The track was mastered by Matt Colton (Kanye West, Muse, Depeche Mode). ‘Chemical’ is accompanied with the b-side or rather in Generation Z terms the ‘free side’ hidden bonus giveaway track ‘Ashes’ (EDM RMX). It’s the remake/cover of an icon Bowie reanimate. A modern classic for the post-millennial age. Welcome to the pleasure dome! Double Penetration: 2 sexy singles for the price of 1. Hot dates to come….

The synchronized release pre-order date is 11.10.17 with the official worldwide street date Black Friday 11.24.17 ‘Chemical’/’Ashes’ will be released on the boutique music fashion imprint People Rebelle distributed via Sony/Red Music. From the stage to the runway always two steps ahead IKILL’s House of Orion Punk nouveau unisex ‘Violent Fashion’ private closet collection will make it’s S|S’18 debut in conjunction with his ‘Sex Toy’ EP due out next spring.

Previous Press: MTV, Billboard Magazine, BBC Radio, (UK) Music Week, XFM
MTV Japan, Fox TV, Absolute Radio, Punk TV, Timeout London, Village Voice.
Grammy Winning Platinum Artists/Legendary Producers worked with:
Nile Rodgers, Jay-Z, Chuck D., Fishbone, Sylvia Massy, Erick Labson, Gordon Raphael.



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