During the summer months, the blistering heat makes it difficult for anyone to walk around in full-length trousers. You might have your favourite pair of jeans but come summer, you don’t even feel like shedding a glance at them. So what do you do? The answer is simple. Go for a pair of mens shorts. You’ll be comfortable in them while you’re roaming the streets outdoors and if you’ve chosen a well-fitted pair, then you’ll be right on trend as well. Remember, the second part of the last sentence is of the essence. Whether it’s mens cargo shorts or denim shorts for men online, you have to make sure that you pick a perfectly fitted pair. If you don’t you’re one step away from a major disaster. So in order to save you from an avoidable mishap, here are the basic do’s and don’t to keep in mind when wearing shorts.

Do wear an appropriate length of shorts

This is the foundation which can either make or break your entire look. For regular wear, shorts which are too long can make you look stocky, especially if you’re already not very tall and those which are too short, well god forbid! The latter should be strictly worn in the vicinity of a swimming pool and no where else. The perfect length, experts say, is one which finish an inch or two above the knee. For taller men shorts that end just slightly above the knee work well. For shorter men, a couple of inches above the knee is the ideal length. If the pair of shorts you just bought are longer then you can try folding the hem or getting them altered.

Don’t wear shorts that are too wide around the legs

These are the worst type of shorts. No matter what your body shape and your built is, these shorts will never do anything to flatter you. So when you’re shopping for plain and basic t shirts and shorts for men, it is mandatory for you to check if they’re too wide around the legs or if they’re not. If you find they are, then it’s best to take them back to the clothing racks and pray the next guy doesn’t spend his hard earned-cash on them.

Do inspect the quality of the fabric

This rule doesn’t just apply to shorts but to all of your garments. Shorts are meant to aid you during the summer heat and fabrics play an important role in ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable during the season. If you don’t know it already, let us remind you that cotton is the best fabric when shopping for summer clothes.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

Yes plain shorts in neutral colours like black, white and beige are suitable for all occasions. But there’s no harm in stepping away from the norm and getting a bit more experimental with your shorts. For instance, you can try superhero graphic print shorts They’re definitely striking statement makers.