Degenerative Disc Treatment in Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX/2017: With time, as the human body gets old, the spine also starts showing up signs of old age. One of the most common condition that arises in old age is Degenerative Disc disease. The definition however seems simple but people who witness such pain in the spine often find it difficult to bear. Owing to the excessive back pain caused by degenerative discs people sometimes even fail to attend important meetings, occasions and gatherings. Keeping this in mind surgeons at OrthoTexas, a leading group of spine specialists operating in Frisco, TX offer adept treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

There are 33 vertebrae in our spine stacked one over another and are separated by discs. Discs are nothing but fluid filled sacs that allow the spine to bend and twist. The discs lose their fluidity and start shrinking with time, such a condition is termed as Degenerative Disc Disease.

Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease-

With increase in age
Orthopedic conditions
Spinal injury
Lifting heavy weights repeatedly.

Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease-

Surgery procedure – Surgery is done in severe conditions by permanently fusing the bone to protect the spinal cord.

Medication – Anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed to reduce inflammation and pain.

Ice or heat pack – To compress the swelling of affected areas ice and heat packs are often used.

Physical Therapy – To strengthen the spine doctors may recommend certain exercises.

Preventive Measures-

As it is often quoted that prevention is better than cure. Certain preventive measures if adopted might be of great help in averting Degenerative Disc Disease –

Doing stretching exercises as they help in strengthening.
Taking breaks from work and walking / stretching on regular intervals.
Eating nutritious diet
Maintaining correct posture
Exercising daily

For more information about the lower back pain treatment options, visit OrthoTexas, Frisco. To schedule an appointment with the spine specialists, you can call at (214) 618 – 5502 or visit 5757 Warren Pkwy, Suite 180, Frisco, TX 75034. You can also log on to their website to know more.

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