Breast Cancer Awareness Month special

The graph of increasing breast cancer patients can be reduced by increasing awareness
According to the POPLESSHAN BASED CANCER Registry (PBCR) report for the year 2016 over 1,44,000 new breast cancer patients are estimated to be diagnosed annually in India. Due to negative change in life style and lack of awareness, the numbers of breast cancer patients in India are increasing rapidly. Month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness month in the world and on this occasion, breast cancer specialists are trying to educate about the condition of the disease, its causes, healing and treatment.
Keep away Breast Cancer by adopting healthy lifestyle
Increasing age, obesity, rheumatism, early and delayed long periods, first child after the age of 30, reduced breast feeding and even zero feeding critically increases the risk of breast cancer. Simultaneously, prolonged use of pills or hormones replacement therapy (HRT) can also be attributed to it. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, the possibilities of this disease can be reduced to some extent. Breast cancer prospects can also be substantially reduced by the beginning of marital life at the right age, avoiding contraception pills, breastfeeding and by being physically healthy.
Self-examination at regular interval
Dr. Nidhi Patni, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncology at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer hospital & Research Centre (BMCHRC) said “Women herself can identify breast cancer with Self-Examination. Lumps in the breast, swelling in any part of the breast, changes in the skin around the breast, pain in the breast or nipple, thickness of the nipple, or emergence of any fluid in the nipple are possible signs of breast cancer. By creating a pad of fingers, a change in the lump of the skin, the flexibility of the skin or the change in shape can be identified. If women find any of the changes in the breast, then she should not delay to consult the cancer specialist.” For the diagnosis of breast cancer, mammography is the most important test through which the breast X-ray is done.
On time treatment
Dr. Sanjeev Patni, Senior Consultant & Head of Surgical Oncology Department at BMCHRC said “Cancer has four main stages. In the first and second stage, it is possible to cure the patient after the diagnosis of the disease and the onset of treatment, while in the third or the last stage, the patient’s death rate increases because of delay in diagnosis and treatment.” Due to the lack of awareness, most of the patients in India are identified with this dreadful disease in the third or the last stage. This becomes the core reason for the increased number of cancer deaths in India as compared to other nations. “In such a case, it is necessary for women to examine themselves with mammography tests after the age of 40. With surgery advancement it is possible to treat the patient without removing her breast if the disease is treated in its initial stages.” added Dr. Patni
Modern medicine helps to increase survivors
Dr. Ajay Bapna, Head of the chemotherapy department at BMCHRC informed “Modern medicine has increased the capability of successful treatment of breast cancer, which has led to increase in the number of breast cancer survivors. Today multidimensional treatment of the patient is possible with Multimodulation Treatment Procedure including surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation therapy. The method or combination of the procedures required for treatment is determined on the basis of the individual patient’s disease.
Figures are increasing
GLOBOCAN, an international agency for research on cancer, has revealed that in 2012, 144937 women were diagnosed with Breast Cancer in India. This year, 70218 breast cancer patients have died. This report revealed that every other patient suffering from breast cancer is facing death. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said in a report that at present, 14.5 lakh new cases of breast cancer are registered in a year. Considering the growth, the number of these cases might reach 17.3 lakh in 2020.