Kolkata, 3rd October, 2017: Are you grabbing the glass of water every now and then to keep yourself healthy? May be you are doing more harm than doing well to your body. How excessive water consumption can damage your entire physical system and how much water one should actually drink to stay healthy- Dr. Parmeshwar Arora, MD – Ayurveda (B.H.U.) Gold Medalist , Sr. Consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi put forward his recent research outcomes on Ayurvedic perspectives about the extent of water intake on a healthier aspect. Smt. Alka Bangur (Social worker and Industrialist), Mr. Viekram Soni (M.D. of Platinum Group), Actor Satyendra Singh, Mr. S.N.Agarwal (M.D. Yours Food Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. G.R. Vijay Kumar (FRCS-Neurosurgery) and renowned designer Ms. Roopali Tiwari made their graceful presence on the occasion.
These days it is a practice that if you have to fix your digestion or to detox your body, you must drink lots of water. If there is burning sensation while passing urine then also just drink lots of water; if you are struggling to lose weight, intake of a large quantity of water can be your saviour. What we fail to understand is anything more than requirement can bring out a negative result. To let our body perform in a proper healthy manner, one must know the right quantity and interval of consuming water.
If we abide by today’s medical science advice, adequate water consumption is considered as the first and foremost solution for most of the diseases. But if we look into our ancient treatment method, we will be surprised to see that ayurvedic texts & vedas direct us to drink minimum possible water to remain healthy. There are certain diseases where water has been contraindicated or is allowed in very minimum quantity.
Dr. Parmeshwar Arora has done a thorough research on the appropriate quantity of water intake for the well-functioning of the human body. He has come up with interesting facts to break our myth of ‘drink water as much as you can’ and found that overconsumption of water can lead to digestive problems such as constipation, acidity or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).Drinking large quantity of water, even when thirsty, leads to increase in kapha and pitta specific diseases. Particularly in persons suffering from fever, it can result in increasing of Ama (State of undigested Food), Excessive Thirst, Excessive Sleep, Stupor, Flatulence, Feeling of Heaviness in the Body, Cough, Poor Digestion, Nausea, Excessive Salivation, Difficulty in Breathing and Rhinitis.
Measure before you drink, or else ‘Water-The Elixir of Life’ may turn out to be your life taker as well.