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Houston, TX 2017/ Press Release: In recent years, more and more patients in Houston, TX, are opting for root canals, thanks to advanced and painless techniques used by the endodontists. Clear Lake Endodontics, a state-of-the-art clinic located in the vicinity of the city, offers effective root canal therapy. Dr. Sam Qamar, D.M.D., the endodontist here lays special emphasis on providing dental care at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Are you a candidate for root canal treatment?

An endodontic procedure is recommended when the pulp or the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes infected. The infection may occur due to deep decay, dental procedure, crack or chip on the tooth. If this inflamed or infected pulp is not treated on time, it may lead to abscess and immense pain. In order to restore normal functioning of the tooth, root canal is needed.

The Root Canal Procedure

The tooth is examined using an X-Ray

A local anesthesia is administered

The cavity is cleaned using nickel-titanium instruments

The space is filled with gutta-percha

A crown is placed in the next sitting

Why Choose Clear Lake Endodontics?

The root canal specialists at Clear Lake Endodontics are licensed and use techniques like digital radiography, surgical microscopes, ultrasonics etc. to provide relief from excruciating tooth pain. The endodontists listen to the problems of patients and make them understand the importance of the root canal procedure.

Other Treatments Provided

Diagnosis & Management Of Dental Pain and Emergencies

Non-Surgical/Surgical Root Therapy

Post and Core Build-up

Internal Bleaching



Management of traumatic injuries to the teeth and periradicular structures

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation (for apprehensive patients)

For complete treatment of toothache, visit Clear Lake Endodontics or call at (281) 316 – 2411. To know more about the root canal procedure, you can log on to

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