Calco Poly Technik, Master in Efficiency… Leader in Delivery!
To cater to Global Requirements of Engineering Compounds, is setting up
Its 2nd World Class Plant with an investment of over INR 500 Million.
(Clean Energy Consumption with Captive Solar Power Plant& Conservation of Water)

Key Highlights

Pioneers in providing Global Solutions for the Plastic Industry

Gearing up with a Production Capacity of over 20,000MT/Year

World Class Testing Lab as per ASTM standards. Certified with ISO/TS 16949Quality Management System

Diversified Product Range to serve multiple Industries such as Automotive, Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Industrial and Consumer Goods, Packaging and Construction, …to name a few!

13th September, 2017 – CalcoPoly Technik is India’s fastest growing enterprise, providing its Customers with value added products, services and innovative solutions encompassing product development in different market verticals.

Since 1999, the Calco Group has set itself apart with sublime focus in maintaining Superior Product Quality and seeking new opportunities for Research & Development.

Calco (provides) complete range of High Performance Polymers, color and additives solutions, meeting the most critical operational requirements and technical specifications. The manufacturing process relies on Slim-Line, High Degree of Automation, and Flexible Utilization of the Production Facility.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta, Founder & MD, Calco Group said, “The Calco Group with a turnover of over INR1000 Millions has reinforced its contribution in the Plastic Industry by setting up its 2ndPlant at, Haryana with an investment of over INR 500 Millions. It would be a state of the art production facility with World Class material handling equipments in a built up area of 100,000 sq. feet, planned to be up and running by end of 2018.
As a part of our Commitment to ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, we have Commercialized Indigenous Technology on Eco Friendly Plastic, in Collaboration with DRDO, Ministry of Defense.

He also added that Calco, utilization of natural resource. Therefore, the New Plant is based on Eco-Friendly Solutions and will be Solar Powered with Clean Energy Generation Concept with reuse of water resources!”

Vision of Calco Poly Technik is to be India’s Most Preferred Global Plastic Solution Provider, through growth and enrichment to its Associates and the Community in which it operates. It also aims to further strengthen its relationships with OEMs & Tier – I / II Industry. Calco Poly Technik at present caters to its Customers from diverse Industries viz. Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Appliances and Industrial Goods …to name a few!

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Varun Gupta, Director, Calco Poly Technik said, “The optimism for developing niche specialty Polymer Products is driven by our technology and R&D capabilities. Calco Team is inspired to transform its business from commodity led to knowledge driven. Calco Poly Technik focuses on developing a strong Product Portfolio and work on innovative solutions to further strengthen customer relationship and build partnerships with Global Players.

He also added, “With more than 500 customers across all segments, 90 % of Total Sales are powered by the Automotive and Electrical & Electronics segment. By the end of 2020, the Compound Annual Growth Rate will observe 30%Inflation with total production capacity of 30,000MT/Year, total area of 120,000 Sq. Feet, and estimated sales of INR 2500 Million.

About Calco

CALCO is one of the leading providers of High Performance Polymers, Color and Additive Solutions. With an experience of over 18 years and serving more than 1000 Customers, we are focused to become India’s Most Preferred Global Plastic Solution Provider. Our multiple Production facility, with Total Production Capacity of 20KTPA ensures we cover wide variety of markets and end-use-applications. In addition, our Team of 100+ Associates provides Customers with Efficient and Innovative Solutions, ensuring Profitable Growth for everyone. Calco Group’s Mission is supported by our Core Value: Sustainability. Calco Poly Technik currently operates with Head Office in Delhi and Pan India Strategic Distribution Network for Efficient Supply Chain and improved Customer Service.
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