Immigration Lawyer Explains Why Providing Deferred Action Status Immigration in USA is absolutely Essential?

Leading immigration lawyer, Mr. George W. Abbes recently spoke about the need to provide deferred action station immigration in USA. He stressed on the fact that young immigrants who are eligible for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) contribute a lot to the society. He also expressed hope that the Trump government will soon take a clear stand on whether it is protecting DACA-eligible immigrants on not. Talking about the financial contributions made by DACA-eligible immigrants, Mr. Abbes highlighted the ITEP report when he said “Young people who are protected by DACA are contributing about USD 2 billion in local and state taxes as per the data shared by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. About 1.3 million of them pay an average and effective tax rate of 8.9 percent. It is at par with the local and state tax rate paid by the middle 20 percent of Americans.” Mr. Abbes also cited the case of a DREAMer who was recently arrested. He said “A person by the name of Juan Manuel Martinez was recently arrested by ICE and his situation in jail is not pleasant. Such instances prove that people who are receiving benefits from DACA are not safe as ICE has a long reach. Currently, his family is trying everything it can to protect him from deportation and removal.” Highlighting the need of protecting Deferred Action Status Immigration in USA because these people take up the jobs, Mr. Abbes said “Many of the young people who benefit from DACA take up small jobs like farm work which Americans don’t want to do anyway. So, in many cases, immigrants are not eating up the jobs, they are taking up job positions that are vacant or have been vacant for a long time. The country needs young mind and hands if it wants to prosper.” Offering his opinion on the action the federal government needs to take with regard to Deferred Action Status Immigration in USA, Mr. Abbes stated “The US government should make its stand clear on protecting DACA-eligible people by ensuring that no arrests are made which involve a DACA-eligible person. Only a step like this would make young immigrants feel secure in the country, which after all was the main goal of DACA.” Commenting on the economic benefits of taking a stand in this regard, Mr. Abbes said “If DACA protection is withdrawn in the near future, the local and state tax contributions will drop to USD 1.2 billion. In contrast, if the DACA protection is strengthened further and they are granted full citizenship, the tax contributions may increase by USD 504 million.” Mr. Abbes concluded his thoughts on Deferred Action Status Immigration in USA by saying that “I hope the Trump government would realize that people eligible for DACA are young kids who desperately want to prove their worth and become responsible citizens of the country. It’s not their fault that they were brought here by someone else and in my opinion, they deserve a chance to prove their worth.”

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