Easy Video Converter has ensured that users have the flexibility and control they need while converting videos whenever they want.

Today people have to work with videos for their personal and professional reasons on a regular basis. They might want to share videos with their loved ones or have to work on them for promotional reasons. Unfortunately, they often have to be converted into formats that are suitable for the specific purpose.

Now users don’t have to rely on professional help or waste their precious time converting videos. Standaloneinstaller.com has made things easier for them by launching this easy to use, drag and drop Video Converter. With the help of this simple solution users can get on with the task at hand without any hassle.

While there are converters available in the market, most of them can only be used to convert files into specific format. But that’s not the case with this converter, which is versatile and helps users convert videos into different formats. To or from 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, MPG, MPEG, MTS, WMV and VOB are just some of the options for users.

Of course people want to save time and hassle with video conversions. However they are also conscious about the quality of the converted files. Thankfully when they use this converter, they can be rest assured that the quality of videos is not compromised upon. They can get the task done themselves effectively and quickly. With this drag / drop converter they also have access to new tab page with links to popular sites, which is an added advantage.

About Easy Video Converter

It is an easy to use converter, which enables users to convert videos themselves in the format of their choice.

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