Globalization of food supplies resulting in increasing concerns over food safety, says RNCOS in its latest research report.

With globalization of food supplies in both developed and developing nations, food safety has had a growing impact owing to growing food supply and consumption around the world. The increase in trade between countries has enhanced the risk of food illnesses associated with the products. The worldwide trade of food offers greater variety of foods, and less dependence on seasons while containing the risk of harmful contaminates which causes various food poisoning illnesses.

According to our latest research study, “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2021”, with the globalization, the increasing number of stages and components in the food production, processing, and distribution across large complex networks increase the chance of food-borne illnesses and other hazards. With rising cases of food borne illnesses due to contaminants, such as pathogens, toxins, genetically modified food, pesticides, etc. in various food products, the concern for food safety has risen significantly.

The increasing demand for food safety testing with the increasing global trading of food products and ingredients has resulted in growth of the food safety testing market in the future. The rising disposable income has led to increase in food consumption which has boosted the market for the food testing, largely due to concerns regarding outbreaks of food borne diseases such as microbial contamination, toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. Further, rising import and export activities has led to food supply trade globalization which has increased contaminant level owing to inadequate control and monitoring. Increasing adulteration level to improve product shelf life are major factors causing testing demand during imports.

Additionally, with the increasing awareness about the food safety among the consumers, companies have the opportunity to discover more efficient and effective methods of food safety testing. Also, current developments and positive change in trends such as monitoring mechanisms to meet the requirements of the food safety testing market, has propelled the food safety testing market.

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