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Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 26 April 2017 – Khamer Pharma is a recognized manufacturing body with European standards, based in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Khamer Pharma company is an expert in research, development, manufacturing, selling and promoting health and beauty products such as tablets, capsules, injectable and powders. The company specialize is research in hormones and long-chain protein synthesis. The main line sold by Khamer Pharma is the line of peptide products.
Peptides are natural or synthetic compounds whose molecules consist of amino acid residues (two or more) linked together by peptide (amide) bonds. In living cells, peptides are synthesized from amino acids or formed during the breakdown of proteins. In essence, peptides are short chains of proteins. In the body, peptides are information carriers, as they transfer biological information from one cell to another, so everything in the body functions properly. If the cell works well, then the entire organ works well. If the cell fails, the work of the whole organ is lost, which leads to diseases.
Biosynthetic peptides are widely spread and used around the world to verify the structure of naturally occurring peptides, establish the molecular mechanism between biologically active protein and peptides, research the relationship between biologically active protein and peptides and develop new hormones, immunogens and vaccines based on peptides. One of the main goals of Khamer Pharma company is to become among the best import and export companies which are able to deliver and supply worldwide peptide products of top quality. They supply the products to many countries, such as India, China, USA, United Kingdom, Thailand, Turkey and other. Additionally, this line of products might be easily found in pharmacies in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
About Khamer Pharma:
Khamer Pharma is a licensed and recognized manufacturer of peptide products with further international shipping. The license of the company was approved by Cambodia Ministry of Health (FDA) and confirms its legal activity and operations. The main endeavor of the Khamer Pharma is to become the leading supplier of research peptides and genuine pharmaceutical products around the world with the best service and international customer care and support. They offer peptides of European standards quality, for fair prices and with fast delivery. Shipping and delivery is a strong point of the company’s service, because Khamer Pharma cooperates with high skillful express and logistic companies from all over the world to deliver their products secure and making sure that they will arrive to destinations.

Company Name: Khamer Pharma
Address: #113 Parkway Square, 2FJ, Mao Tse Toung Blvd, 12310 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone: +85523987597

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