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A customized software for insurance/reinsurance is a highly useful business tool if you are in the insurance business and have quite a number of customer accounts under your supervision. COREFIN Insurance & Broker is one of such software provider which is built on the Microsoft CRM/XRM platform and has been designed to manage the entire insurance brokerage business with all-round view. The reinsurance software provides greater flexibility with its data storage, easy accessibility of data, dynamic forms and windows, instant policy definitions, and several other aspects related to the insurance brokerage thus make it a successful business instrument.

The reinsurance software provides a variety of functions designed to make the job of the broker easy with its ability to produce the definitions of reinsurance contracts and the related terms and conditions at a touch of a button and enable the broker to analyze the various accounts and keep a check on the reinsurance payment collections and produce alert notices for erring customer accounts. The COREFIN insurance software is an invaluable help for an insurance broker holding hundreds or thousands of client accounts as it enables the firm to have a transparent view of the entire business on the monitor screen thus making it possible to handle the business singlehandedly.

An insurance broker is likely to benefit in terms of time, money and labor because the firm won’t need many hands to manage the customer accounts or generate new accounts. The easy accessibility to the various policy definitions integrated in to the software make the task to explaining the reinsurance terms and conditions easy for the broker. Whether you are a small or medium brokerage or a big firm holding thousands of accounts the Reinsurance Software will prove to be a great asset as it will help you run your business seamlessly and efficiently. To know more about the software visit the website and you will know what we have been talking about. Call the firm on phone number 44 (0) 208 133 99 99 to have a chat on the software or alternatively send email to to get instant response from a COREFIN representative.

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