Tapatak Oz is the perfect dance studio that through their amazing tap program helps everyone to take their tapping experience to the next level

March 27th, 2017 – Tapatak Oz, a well-regarded and highly professional tap dance syllabus studio, offers the unique possibility to both, tap beginners and teachers, to broaden their knowledge and to master this amazing dance.

The school’s creator Christine Denny is a tap expert with a wealth of 25 years of in-depth expertise that over the course of her career has collaborated with numerous specialized studios among which is the famous Brent St Studios in Sydney and achieved impressive know-how that allows her to help all the people fascinated by this marvelous dance style to strengthen their moving abilities through her distinctive tap program. Over the years, Christine managed to be instrumental in widen the creativity, technique and individuality for great deal of teachers who were striving to have more students in their classes or for those ones that wanted to simply take their dancing skills to the next level. Being totally aware of the fact that we are living in a world that constantly changes, Christine created a special place where are welcomed all the dancers that are fascinated by the most percussionist dancing style and are willing to learn new technics that will transform them in strong tappers that will be able to exceptionally perform for every kind of audience. Additionally, understanding precisely how busy are people these days, she created an exclusive teach tap program that apart from being comprehensive, it is also very comfortable to be learned since there is no need to physically attend the classes – with a simple gadget connected to the Internet everyone has the opportunity to learn important stuff in the comfort of their own place just by watching instructional video and reading detailed PDF instructions. This second to none tap syllabus studio covers diverse ages and tapping experience and makes available diverse educational packages including junior and senior and adult beginner and even a complete pack for all the gifted dancers that want to enter the fascinated world of tapping and to end up being real proficient dancers that amaze with their excellent tapping moves.

Tapatak Oz is namely that place where every specialist that wants to learn the best practices to teach tap dance. By using the stunning expertise of the school’s masters, everyone will shortly be capable of passing on the passion for this gorgeous dance. There are no boundaries when it comes to achieve the incredible rhythmic moves of tapping with these pros.

Tapatak Oz is a specialized dance studio that focuses on helping the tap teachers to expand their knowledge by acquiring remarkable information from a leading Australian tapper. The studio is led by
Christine Denny a professional and well-known expert that practices for more than 25 years this incomparable dance style.

Company: Tapatak Oz
Mobile: +61 408 683 221
Email: info@tapatak-oz.com
Web: www.tapatak-oz.com

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