Imagine you’ve always run your current business from the same location since its start. Imagine also that you’ve never had to move business before and now all of a sudden, you are forced to move.

Your first instinct is to probably assume that it won’t be such a big deal right? After all, you’ve moved home a couple of times so what could be so different about moving a business?

In reality, the two are very different. If your business has 10+ office employees than your business relocation definitely needs meticulous planning or things could begin falling apart right from the day you intend to relocate.

There are two ways to approach the business relocation problem – either plan it entirely by yourself – recommended only if you have done similar business relocation planning before or, involve experts. Experts such as Zoom Business Relocation

Zoom Business Relocation is the most sought after and most highly recommended business relocation partners in all of Australia. This is not just because of their experience in business relocation but because their whole approach is fundamentally different. For them, a business relocation isn’t just another job or project it is something that will be planned meticulously irrespective of the size of the business involved.

To date, no business has voiced dissatisfaction at the way the relocation was handled and if their customer testimonials are anything to go by, all their customers have been uniformly happy.

Fact is, Zoom Business Relocation has handled all jobs ranging from relocation of tiny mom-and-pop businesses to relocating large offices with staff strength in excess of 100!

Zoom Business Relocation services include :

1. After-move services such as office repairs and cleaning so you don’t end up with fights with your previous landlord.

2. Complete Pre-planning services that cover not only details of how and when to begin packing, but arrangement to be made with building administration for use of lift facilities and additional parking on day of the move. This will need to be done at existing premises and also at the new premises.

3. Massive storage facilities – This is important especially if the new office is smaller than the existing one or you need to dispose of old discarded equipment and need temporary storage facility before you actually discard the equipment.

4. Local and across Australia! Whether moving a couple of blocks down the road or right across Australia, Zoom Business Relocation has handled them all. Interstate Office Removalists Epping is obviously much more complex than relocating a couple of blocks from the existing location and Zoom Business Relocation experience will come in handy in either case.

5. Affordability – Far from being pricey, Zoom Small Office Movers Services have a down-to-earth invoicing strategy – one of the many reasons they are so popular.

6. Unlimited boxes (must be returned).

7. Have extensive fine art/delicate material packing experience

8. From machinery for heavy lifting to fleet of multi-axle trucks to GPS systems, they employ the right hardware, have the right equipment and highly trained staff.

9. Why settle for any other than Zoom Business Relocation?