Is your Personal Data at Risk Ordering Medicines Online?

As the government is pushing most of us to cashless transactions, data risk is the biggest issue even as secret government data is being hacked. This risk is even higher if we have to do all transactions online. The issue is also pertinent in the realms of online pharmacies if one has to order medicines online.
Falsification of an online site’s login page and phishing are major security risks that plague ecommerce and online banking these days. Added to these, malicious codes, interception of data, and database hacking are some of our contemporary issues. We can neither avoid going online nor stop these malicious practices. All we can do is to protect ourselves from these threats. This applies to the online pharmacies also.
For commerce to thrive, and for people to get their daily necessities supplied, all credit card, debit card and online transactions should be free of malpractices and hackers. A safe transaction process is also critical for a business to thrive and so it is in the interest of the businesses to ensure total safety.
What with the arrival of digital wallets, the payment ecosystem has changed totally. The IT security has taken main stage and mobile devices and cloud services have to stay on top to ensure safety.
It is very important when you order medicines online that you ensure that the site has device identification, one time password tokens, and challenge questions as logins and passwords no longer ensure total safety. Also, it is very important to ensure that a person’s device is not infested with malware.
Authentication certainly reduces a lot of risks if not all of them. With emerging technologies like transaction verification and web fraud detection “man in the middle attacks” can also be dealt with effectively. More and more ecommerce, online banking and online pharmacies are moving towards risk based authentication. This can eliminate many suspicious transactions. Phone authentications and image authentications also go a long way protecting your data while ordering medicines online.
In a recent report published by WHO, another angle of the efficacy of ordering medicines online had come into the discussion. Though internet pharmacies can provide essential services, they can be havens for malpractices. People can get narcotic medications without prescriptions or false prescriptions; even worse patients might self medicate them. They are even under the risk of purchasing medicines from an illegal site where counterfeit/spurious drugs can jeopardize the life of a patient.
Keeping all these issues in mind, CallHealth has come up with an efficient system to protect the data of those who order medicines online and protect ethical practices. As a reputed organization, CallHealth has ensured that its online pharmacy has all the latest technologies to protect patient data. Moreover, it has ensured that no medicine is delivered without a prescription.
As times are changing, we have to adapt to the situation. As the system is moving towards a cashless society, we need to find ways to ensure our safety. With CallHealth, your data is always safe

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