Trio Tots participate in unstructured free play on Global School Play Day

Trio Tots, the pre-school wing of Trio World Academy hosted the “Global School Play Day – Restoring unstructured play to a generation of kids!” on February 1st, 2017, in order to raise awareness about the necessity of unstructured play. The event aimed to break the scheduled and structured play time routine of the kids and extend them the freedom to make their own choice of game.

The initiative was part of the 3rd edition of Global School Play Day, a global effort to help create awareness of the importance of balance between Structured and Unstructured play time for the kids of this generation. The global event had participation of over 2,50,000 children from schools across the world.

As part of the event, the kids were allowed to engage in games and play without any instructions from their teachers. There were no screens and no playtime structure, giving the kids an opportunity to reach out to their innate creativity which will allows for their cognitive development. The kids were given the chance to spread their toys out around the room and get creative or go out and just play!

Mr. Naveen KM, Managing Director Trio, “In their formative years kids need to be encouraged to develop their cognitive abilities. As such, they need to be introduced to a balanced approach of structured and unstructured play. While we encourage our teachers to supervise the children and give them direction, we also have the responsibility of ensuring that the kids are the given the opportunity to self-learn and hone their creativity. This event was an attempt to help the kids get in touch with their inherent imagination.”

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