I’ve been doing pest and termite control since 2004. I find it worthwhile once I eliminate pest matters in infested households. Experience of pests, their harborage spots and appropriate management proceedure is essential to a sucessful control of an infestation. I am a strong believer in customer service, quality control that works, and knowledge of pests. Over the years I’ve focused on educating myself on the understanding of pests and their habitats, on pesticides and their methods of control, and on safer applications of pesticides in the home and surroundings. I’m well trained in Intergrated pest management. My goal is to supply actual pest control that effectively works, top notch customer service, a positive work place, and well trained educated technicians in the field. I want to stand out as the pest control guy that people say is the real deal.

Our technicians have in depth knowledge and expertise treating for termites, general pests, pigeon control, rodent control, weed control, and more. We are Pest Management Specialists proudly servicing Arizona and California. We believe in delivering the best quality service posssible to our customers. Customer service and successful control of your pest problem is our ultimate goal. We treat every home as if it were our own and deliver both the respect and highest level of professional pest control service your looking for. If your looking for a Great honest pest control service that is everything it promises then look no further. We’re a team of some of the best exterminators around. We don’t believe in making our customers sign contracts that obligate them to our services through frightning cancellation fees. I believe our service is so well in quality and customer service that you won’t want to leave. There are many people that are skeptical of Pest Control service because they have been burned by contracts and expensive fees or the quality control promised was a lie. Not to meantion the lack of customer service companies have gave them. Not all other pest control compaies are bad, just there is always dishonest people out there. When you call my office or recieve a message from my office it will always be a real person. When you ask our techs a question about pest control we will give you an educated 100% real professional answer, not made up ones. Our technicians are friendly to talk to, have clean backrounds, are family friendly, have morals, are clean cut, and perform the best services possible in the pest control industry. You can’t go wrong with us.

We guarantee control of scorpions and bed bugs in Arizona which some companies can’t do. We test our products before we use them out on the field. Our success rate is 100% successful. Specialized Pest Control won’t let you down. If you have questions about pests or termites we have the answer. Our termite inspections have quick turn arrounds and our pest services are done on your schedule. Don’t hesitate contact us today and find our why we are the best choice for your pest control needs.