It’s More Than ‘Pot & Guns’ – 5 Need to Know Points


Tacoma, WA – Citizens, the Plaintiff and other cannabis ‘Patients are out of Patience.’ What’s left in the balance for the New Year? Is ‘cannabis constitutional?’ A woman’s ‘right to choose’ her own medical care has yet again been infringed by the government; Due process of the 14, 4, and 5th amendments of the US constitution, with Amendments 2nd – Firearms, and 1st – Freedom of speech are at stake.

Medical Marijuana is approved by over 89% of Americans. Over a billion dollars has been generated in legal revenue between Washington and Colorado alone, with millions in paid taxes. Ancient, worldwide practices evidence cannabis’ medical efficacies on top of the over 15,000 results found on – the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. The World Health Organization is expected to change the classification of medical cannabus under international law. Even the NFL and the Veteran’s administration are considering further use. Yet the DEA reaffirmed it’s stance, despite the plant’s well-known, proven, pain-relieving and health benefits. People remain incarcerated for non-violent marijuana offenses and continue to be prosecuted in ‘legal’ states.

Meanwhile, the prescription drug epidemic continues; it is again the third leading cause of death in the USA as combined with medical errors. Deaths due to opioid addiction alone, long ago surpassed gun violence. Recently, a West Virginia county filed a lawsuit against drug companies and a physician alleging ‘actual harm’ in a case that echoes the multiple, historical, tobacco lawsuits.

Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the US government must come to a reasonable consensus. ‘Patients are out of Patience’ and note the following:

1) A Request to bring about change of policy & practices, a first amendment petition to the White House may be found here

2) Easy marijuana statistics and facts may be found in Infographics here:

3) The case encompasses 5 points of the constitution, three of which are Due Process limiting medical deicisons to the commerce clause with others, Free speech and Firearms as used for her protection.

4) History of the 9th circuit case & info here including mentions of plaintiff’s existing Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit valid in 30 states, training prior to medical school and after receiving her MBA.

5) Call for Amicus Briefs, any official statements and comments to convey to SCOTUS may be made through an attorney admitted to practice before SCOTUS. Attorney Alicia Dearn of Bellatrix Law Group and Kat Blue 619-754-8901 have made themselves available on a volunteer basis.

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