Ice cream trucks are becoming more prominent by the day among social party planners, especially if it’s a no-booze party. For families, graduation day, driving license parties, corporate events, team outings and parties that involve just any age group and people from any walk of life simply love the concept of ice cream truck catering.
The concept of Ice Cream Truck in Toronto isn’t new to anyone. In fact, all of us grew up enjoying ice creams from these trucks back in our old school days. But the interesting concept of ice cream truck catering started and successfully carried forward by Alb Softy Ice Cream Truck turns out to be a great success.

According to Mariah, “ice cream isn’t anything new to us, but the idea of bringing an ice cream truck to the doorstep when we have this small intimate family function sounds like a fun idea. How about the entire family and relatives getting excited about getting their hands on their favorite flavor and re-live their childhood in front of their kids and grandkids? I can so relate to this and cannot wait for the bay shower party of my sister when we are planning to book an ice cream truck catering service from the very best- Alb Softy.”

At Alb Softy, we hear a different version of the same story. According to Kim, “our aim is to take the favorite dessert of people to the place they want to enjoy it. They call us to their home and we race the truck to their address; they have a party hosted at a venue, we drop the pin at Google maps and reach right on time. It’s wonderful to see the smiles on their faces. I think everyone loves ice creams. It’s a pleasure to be in their industry which makes people happy.”