Buying and selling antiques is an expert job and hence many people find it difficult to sell or buy their antiques without sufficient information about the market price. There are many people who have valuable possessions at home and when they wish to sell them in the market, they may often end of selling it at a lower value than what it would actually fetch them genuine buyers. But now one need not worry as they can simply contact the Syl-Lee antiques store who help the customers to evaluate their antiques market price safeguarding their interests to sell it at the best price. Having years of experience in the industry they are genuine antique buyers and sellers who buy almost anything that is antique paying the best price in the market. In fact, the store has specialists who can identify fine art pieces and rare antiques like Asian antiquities, art glass, rare first edition books, military items, native American art, etc so that you get the right price from an expert view for your antiques.

The sellers can request the Syl-Lee Antiques for free evaluation of their prized possessions without any obligations and if they are interested in the quote offered by them they shall also sell the antique outright with spot cash. They also help you connect with the best auctioneers in town in case you have an estate sale or more items that are suitable for an auction. They can also fetch you “broom sweep” clean out companies so that you can liquidate everything in an estate sale without any leftovers. The Syl-Lee Antiques store buys costume jewelry, diamonds, oil paintings, bronzes, Russian art, coins, antique porcelain, American indian art, modern and contemporary art etc that the sellers wish to sell off in the antique market.

Along with buying antiques the Sly-Lee antiques also sell valuable antique items from their collection like the amazing Rene Lalique, antique umbilical cord scissors, precious glassware, singing bird silver box, micro mosaic cat potray pieces and many more that would truly excite the antique collectors. In case, you have something in mind and cannot find in their collection there is no need to feel disappointed as they shall redirect you to the best sources who can help you find the rare antiques that you wish to have in your possessions. The syl-lee antiques are very genuine buyers and sellers and hence the won the trust of their customers offering 100% satisfaction through their services.

Here is just small sample of Antiques, Fine Art, Collectibles, furniture and Jewelry at Syl-Lee antiques. They can provide you the one-stop shop for everything antique. To get more information about the antiques, please visit us online

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