ZANDER2WAVY is quickly getting his exposure in soundcloud with all new tracks. Amazing blend of hip hop and rap redefines his love for the culture. This rap artist is found to be a tough competition for the other hip hop stars in soundcloud. The rising star, comes out of Cincinnati, OH, United States, create the best hit songs that any musicians have ever done in soundcloud. He is not like your every day average singers. One will be amazed by hearing his excellent beats.
Rising rap artist, ZANDER2WAVY wants fans to call him wavy, lit, drippy or wet. But, he doesn’t want to get recognized as broke. The tracks are full of brass, high notes and snap beats. Some amazing compositions are like, “Pink IamTash”, “Zander2Wavy – Wet Trapcase”, “Not Tryin – Zander2wwavy CashmoneyAp” and “Zander2Wavy –feat. Barney – Post Up Ceg beats & Og abi”. The lyrics are creating havoc in battle rap. The whole composition is so powerful and independent that one can easily boost confidence level by hearing them. Fans can get to know him better after listening to his hip hop hit songs.
This new hip hop star has started receiving love from his fans and followers around the globe. He concentrates on his music and has taken it to a new level. ZANDER2WAVY is gathering huge number of plays for his songs and looking forward to more new releases in future. His songs inspire a lot and encourage them to move the body along with rhythm and lyrics.
This singing star is doing well in rap music genre. He knows how to express stories through lyrics. Well, if you wish to expertise all his new releases, then catch this young hip hoper in soundcloud. Also, keep connected through youtube, facebook or twitter to know more about your rock star.

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